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Goat Wild provides its customers with peak performance supplements and energy to give them an edge every time they step outside. The organization is dedicated to helping its customers achieve their goals and improve their quality of life through a combination of health, portability, and energy in a small packet that fits inside their pockets.


Goat Wild Supplements


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6 Weeks


Jesse Cervantes

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The sports supplement market is saturated with noise — but Goat Wild is different, because it specifically targets the action sports community. In order to connect to this population of enthusiastic actives, Goat Wild needs a responsive website that fits fitness with functionality.

Goat Wild requested a first-of-its kind blog, a full-page print advertisement, a brochure, and clothing designs — all affirming the organization’s sleek and stylish brand. Each piece needed to be unique, playing to the strengths of its medium, while still forming a cohesive identity. 

UX & UI Design

Its blog differentiates Goat Wild from other supplement organizations, establishing it as a thought leader with a place where users can access different recipes, workouts, and ideas. At the same time, its advertisements and clothing will ensure users can find its products in the first place.

Mobile Website

To gain traction in the cluttered supplement market, where users are primarily using their phones to make purchases, we employed a grid-like function with high-quality fitness photos for Goat Wild’s website. This helps break up the different categories, making the mobile site simple to use and powerful to view. 

The right solution through multiple iterations.

The striking simplicity of the print advertisements and clothing designs help establish and maintain Goat Wild’s visual brand — ensuring it cuts through the clutter created by other supplement organizations with a strong and easy-to-recognize voice and effectively meeting the client’s needs.

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