All you need is love.. and a lash artist


Lexie’s Beauty Bar offers customizable eyelash extensions, a luxury service that’s part of the wider beauty industry and caters almost exclusively to women.


Lexie’s Beauty Bar


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3 Weeks


Jesse Cervantes

Color Palette 


Pink Accent


Header Color


Alternate BG Color


Background Color


Blue Accent


Primary Font


Secondary Font

Roboto Bold

Body Font

Roboto Regular


To secure new clients in a saturated market, the company needed an upscale, trendy brand and web presence that exudes experience and expertise. With a mostly young consumer base, the website also has to prioritize mobile responsiveness. 

One of the primary features of the branding for Lexie’s Beauty Bar is the typography. To convey a feeling of both experience and luxury, we made use of drop cap typography at the beginning of each word that’s reminiscent of illuminated manuscripts from medieval Europe. 

Brand Identity

We paired the primary font with trendy sans-serif fonts and a pop of color on a mobile friendly website to keep the brand identity feeling fresh, young and attainable. 

Brand Recognition

Nothing is more important than trust when someone’s putting tools close to your eyes. With careful use of font and natural photography on the website for Lexie’s Beauty Bar, we convey a trustworthiness and experience that will help the company attain and keep new clients. 

The right solution through multiple iterations.

Our simple but sleek branding capture the organization’s mission and will help a crowd that doesn’t want to fight to hard find a little luxury.

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